A little bit about me.


when you stop getting distracted by every noise.

Not many high achievers can claim they have:

Said NO to anti-depressants.

Healed from burnout holistically.

Created balance despite busyness and chaos.

Live intentionally and are disciplined.

Built a 9 year happy and loving relationship.

And having spent the last 5 years:

Digging deep, and doing the inner work and reflection.

Peeling back the societal, parental and cultural layers.

Working through their self-mastery.

And wake up excited, happy, focused, despite daily challenges and hiccups.

Well, hello!!

I can.

And I have.

And this is not me bragging, this is me simply sharing how the inner work has paid off.

I've put in the years to build my mindset, self-discipline, self-awareness, my health and energy levels back.

And why I can help you, if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, lost your mojo or zest for life.

And before you ask:

NO, you won't need years to get to where I am.

If you follow my framework, your life will be very different in 90-180 days.

And why I am excited to guide you, along your own journey.

And help you thrive in your personal and professional life.

If you want to change the world,

start by changing yourself first.

Let's do this!

Life will be full of ups and down.

The choices you make at every stage is what determines the quality of your life.

My mission is to help leaders and high achievers like you, who are facing personal and professional challenges, find their inner joy and live a balanced and fulfilling life, despite the daily stress and pressure.

I have been on my own journey to self-mastery since 2018.

(To be fair since I was a teenager, more on this another time.)

But when burnout in 2017 led me to quit my job (with no back up plan) it turned into a blessing in disguise.

What caused my burnout?

My ambition and drive have always allowed me to go after anything I set my mind to. But like many fresh graduates, I also thought if I had a high powered title and made a 6 figure salary, I would be 110% happy.

And once I've reached those milestones, love, relationship, health would automatically follow.

How naive, right?

No surprise, that plan failed.

I had a job and security, but trying to climb the ladder left me feeling mentally drained and unfulfilled. I found myself in a toxic work culture and I was deeply unhappy.

An island girl, taking a big leap, moving to London on her own in her early 20s, but failed to make it in the corporate world.

This was my make or break moment.

And I chose to quit my job, to protect myself and my ambitions.

Despite the numerous challenges, I still nurtured a strong desire and belief I could create a life filled with fun, love, happiness and adventures.

What helped me:

I didn't allow burnout or my struggles to define me.

I didn't allow my job or work culture to limit my potential.

I didn't stop believing in myself and my abilities.

And the reason I share my story, is to inspire you.

To help you believe that no matter where you find yourself in life right now, you have the power in you to turn your life around.

My signature programs have been crafted

because of my various life and professional experiences and

because I had to overcome several challenges that appeared along the way.

Life is beautiful.

Are you ready to embrace it with open arms?

Why working with me is different.

I am not your conventional life coach.

I love what I do and find it very rewarding to be able to help my clients bring the necessary changes into their lives so they can finally experience happiness, joy, fulfilment, despite the daily challenges that life will throw at us.

And why I don't do boring or sleep-inducing sessions.

I don't do negativity, drama or complaining or gossips either.

I stay away from victim-mindset or blame culture.

My coaching sessions are deep focused conversations that help you reflect, connect the dots, and motivate you to take action.

My energy and enthusiasm is contagious and only work for those who are ready and eager to welcome more abundance, fun and excitement into their lives.

I prioritise my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.

I don't take time and my health for granted ANYMORE.

And why I always carve out time for more adventures, excitement, fun and love into my life.

And yes, I work on my discipline and mindset daily and precisely why I can help you do the same.